Ibn Khaldun -rahimahullah- über das Revoltieren gegen ungerechte Herrscher

„To this chapter belong cases of revolutionaries from among the common people and of jurists who undertake to reform evil (practices). Many religious people who follow the ways of religion come to revolt against unjust amirs. They call for a change in, and prohibition of, evil (practices) and for good practices. They hope for a divine reward for what they do. They gain many followers and sympathizers among the great mass of the people, but they risk being killed, and most of them actually do perish inconsequence of their activities as sinners and unrewarded, because God had not destined them for such (activities as they undertake). He commands such activities to be undertaken only where there exists the power to bring them to a successful conclusion.

Muhammad said: Should one among you see evil activities, he should change them with his hand. If he cannot do that, he should change them with his tongue. And if he cannot do that, he should change them with his heart.

(Aus der englischsprachigen Übersetzung der Muqaddimah von Franz Rosenthal)

P.S.: Interessant in diesem Zusammenhang ist für mich, dass Ibn Khaldun -rahimahullah- in keinster Weise das Revoltieren an sich verurteilt, sondern nur das Revoltieren ohne Erfolgsaussicht.